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Persian Filigree Candy Dish – 20 cm – Fly Pattern

Envision a setting where history, art, and functionality converge. Where every curve and twist tells a story of passion, precision, and Persian prowess. This is no ordinary candy dish; it is a symphony of Isfahan’s artistic spirit.

Imagine the bustling bazaars of Isfahan. Hear the hum of artisans at work, the clang of metal, and the whispered stories of yesteryears. It’s here that this filigree candy dish took its form. Handmade, with dedication and a touch of magic, it’s a marvel in copper, with a lustrous silver coat accentuating its grandeur.

Perfectly proportioned, this dish promises to be the centrepiece of any setting. Its depth cradles your confections with care, while its generous width is an open invitation to delve into sweet delights. But it’s not just a dish; it’s a conversation starter. As the evening progresses, and candies diminish, stories around this Persian masterpiece will just begin.

Owning this dish is akin to holding a fragment of Isfahan in your home – a piece that’s as unique as the city’s skyline, and as rare as its tales. And while it’s a ‘One of a Kind’ masterpiece, its allure is universal.

By bringing this dish into your collection, you’re not just indulging in luxury. You’re paying homage to an age-old craft, echoing Craftestan’s mission to champion the incredible artistry of Persia.

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