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Persian Filigree Mirror – 70 cm – Sky Pattern

In the soulful city of Isfahan, where blue mosaic tiles weave tales of love and legacies, the reflection of centuries past is captured in a handcrafted masterpiece. This isn’t merely a mirror; it is a symbol, a beacon of hope, light, and boundless blessings. With each delicate Persian filigree pattern or Malileh Kari (Persian: ملیله کاری), it whispers tales of Persian romance, fervent wishes, and matrimonial beginnings.

The mirror’s majesty is evident in its dimensions; a height of 70 cm (roughly 2 feet 3.5 inches) and a width of 50 cm (about 1 foot 7.6 inches). Its depth, a mere 3 cm (1.2 inches), is deceptive for within its confines it holds reflections of a thousand years of history. Weighing in at 2500g (5.5 lbs), it is a testament to the meticulous effort and precision that went into its crafting.

Traditionally, this mirror, when coupled with a pair of candlesticks, is given as a gift to newlyweds. It isn’t just about its reflective quality but rather its symbolic meaning. Together, they light up the couple’s life, illuminating their path with hope, prosperity, and a brilliant future. While this offering includes only the mirror, its significance remains undiminished.

The silver-coated copper frame, masterfully crafted using the Persian filigree technique, shines with a luster that rivals the morning sun. Every intricate design, every curve, and every edge tells tales of artisans who have dedicated their lives to preserving this ancient craft.

Imagine placing this mirror in your living space or gifting it to a loved one. The room, immediately, is graced with Persian elegance. Each glance towards it is a journey – a journey back in time, to nights filled with poetry under the Isfahani moon, to tales of lovers and their undying bond, to the very essence of Iranian culture.

Acquiring this mirror is not just a purchase; it’s an embrace of tradition, a nod to history, and a step into a world where art is not just seen but felt. Let this piece be a timeless testament to love, culture, and unmatched Persian craftsmanship.

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