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Balochi Embroidery Ladies Handbag Kilim Pattern

Introducing our delightful multi-coloured Baluchi hand-embroidered women’s handbag, an eye-catching accessory that will surely capture the attention of any admirer. Skillfully crafted by dedicated Baluchi female artisans, this enchanting handbag showcases the distinctive beauty and artistry of Baluchi embroidery, making it a prized addition to any wardrobe.

The distinguishing cultural Kilim pattern features a stunning combination of seven different colours, creating a vibrant and harmonious piece of hand-crafted artwork. A closer look at this exquisite accessory reveals the exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail that make it truly special.

The gold-coloured metal hinge and chain provide the perfect finishing touch to this authentic Baluchi Kilim pattern handbag, adding a touch of elegance to its captivating design. However, the true charm of this handbag lies in the story it tells – the story of the passionate Baluchi female artisan who meticulously crafted this breathtaking piece of art and graciously shared it with the world.

By choosing our multi-coloured Baluchi hand-embroidered women’s handbag, you’re not only adding a unique and beautiful accessory to your collection but also supporting Craftestan’s mission to empower female artisans and promote fair trade practices. Embrace the artistry, heritage, and heartfelt story behind this remarkable handbag – order your multi-coloured Baluchi hand-embroidered handbag today.