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Balochi Embroidery Mirror-Work Ladies Crossbody Bag

Introducing our Baluchi mirror-work embroidery crossbody bag, the perfect blend of bohemian appeal and traditional craftsmanship. Designed by talented Baluchi female artisans, this compact hand-embroidered pink bag showcases the intricate and eye-catching art of Baluchi mirror-work, ensuring it will stand out as a stylish accessory in any wardrobe.

The chain accent adds a touch of shine to the handbag, while the hard, structured bottom ensures the bag retains its shape and provides ample space for your essentials. Dare to be different with this bohemian-style bag, which effortlessly blends functionality and artistry in one stunning accessory.

Slip this Baluchi mirror-work embroidery crossbody bag over your shoulder and showcase your affinity for traditional art and bohemian style. By choosing this handbag, you’re not only adding a unique and beautiful accessory to your collection but also supporting Craftestan’s mission to empower female artisans and promote fair trade practices. Order your Baluchi mirror-work embroidery crossbody bag today and let your style shine.