7 Handmade Wall Art Gift Ideas for Persian New Year 2023

Looking for a unique gift to surprise your loved ones for the upcoming Persian New Year 2023? Consider gifting one of our handmade Persian wall art gifts, which are rich in cultural and historical significance and crafted with exquisite attention to detail. Let us help you create lasting memories this Nowroz with our collection of handmade Persian wall art gifts.

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Why Persian Wall Art Makes a Great Gift

Persian art is renowned for its vibrant colours, intricate designs, and rich cultural history, and Persian wall art is no exception. Each piece is a testament to the skilled craftsmanship of the Persian people and tells a unique story with deep cultural significance. Gifting a Persian wall art piece is not just a gift, it is a window into a rich and beautiful culture.

Filigree Wall Art

Our first recommendation is a truly exquisite piece of artwork that is sure to captivate anyone who beholds it. This Persian filigree wall art features a stunning sterling silver nightingale, a symbol that holds deep significance in Persian culture and literature. Handcrafted with great care and attention to detail, this delicate piece is a testament to the remarkable artistry of the Persian people and their centuries-old tradition of filigree.

Filigree, which involves the use of incredibly fine wires of silver, gold, or other metals, is an intricate and time-consuming art form that requires a great deal of skill and patience. In the case of this particular piece, the filigree work is combined with other techniques to create a three-dimensional effect that truly brings the nightingale to life.

The nightingale itself is a beloved symbol of love and beauty in Persian literature, and is often associated with the arrival of spring. Its sweet song has been celebrated by poets and musicians for centuries, and its presence in this piece of artwork is a nod to the deep cultural roots that inspire and inform the art of Persia.

Overall, this handmade Persian filigree wall art is a truly remarkable creation that speaks to the timeless beauty of Persian culture and art. Whether displayed in a private home or a public space, it is sure to capture the imagination and inspire wonder in all who behold it.

A close-up image of a handcrafted Persian filigree wall art piece, showing a silver nightingale as the central design element. The intricate filigree work adds delicate details to the bird, while the overall piece is a beautiful symbol of Persian culture and love.

Embroidery Wall Art

The second recommendation we propose is a handmade Persian embroidery wall art, which is an excellent option for those seeking a maze-like and mesmerising piece of art to adorn their homes. This particular piece showcases a mystical Persian garden, which is a symbol of paradise in Persian literature.

The Persian garden has a long history, dating back to the ancient Persian Empire, and is considered one of the most beautiful and idealised versions of nature. The garden is often characterised by its lush greenery, serene water features, and a meticulously manicured landscape. It is a space designed for relaxation and contemplation, where one can escape the chaos of the world and find peace and tranquility.

The embroidery work in this piece is a testament to the exceptional skill and craftsmanship of Persian embroidery artists. Persian embroidery is known for its elaborate and detailed designs, which are often made by hand with great care and attention to detail. Each stitch is carefully placed to create a mesmerising and detailed pattern that is both beautiful and functional.

This particular piece of embroidery is an excellent representation of the Persian garden, with its intricate design and attention to detail. The colours are carefully chosen to evoke the natural beauty of the garden, and the embroidery work is so fine that it is almost like a painting. It is a unique and stunning piece that is sure to make a statement in any room it is placed in.

A photo of a girl sitting on a couch with her electric guitar, with a stunning Persian embroidery Pateh hanging on the wall behind her

Toreutics Wall Art

Our third recommendation is a truly remarkable piece of art – a handmade Persian toreutics wall art piece. This exquisite work of art features an array of majestic legendary animals such as deer, nightingales, and geese, all of which hold significant cultural and literary value in Persian tradition.

Each animal depicted in this piece represents a unique trait and embodies a specific symbolism. The deer, for instance, is often associated with strength and resilience, while the nightingale represents beauty and grace. The geese, on the other hand, are known for their loyalty and devotion, traits that are highly valued in Persian culture.

What makes this art piece even more remarkable is the fact that it has been crafted using the ancient metalworking art form of Persian toreutics. This metalworking technique has been practiced in Persia for thousands of years and has contributed greatly to the country’s rich cultural heritage. Toreutics involves the hammering and carving of complex designs onto metal surfaces, creating an extraordinary visual effect that is both elegant and sophisticated.

This beautiful art piece is not only a visual feast for the eyes but also a testament to the incredible history and cultural significance of Persian toreutics. Its Sophisticated design showcases the skill and artistry of the craftsman who created it and provides a glimpse into the culture and traditions of Persia. It is a true work of art that would make a stunning addition to any home, office, or art collection.

Oil Painting

Our fourth recommendation is a hand-painted oil painting that depicts a magnificent white horse, standing amidst a dynamic and colourful backdrop. The painting is a testament to the beauty and vibrancy of Persian art, which has a long and rich history dating back centuries.

In Persian literature, the horse has been revered as a symbol of courage, freedom, and power. It is often associated with royalty and nobility, and has been a popular subject in Persian art for centuries. The white horse, in particular, is considered a symbol of purity and grace, and its depiction in this painting is a true reflection of these qualities.

This stunning painting would make a perfect gift for anyone who loves animals, art, or Persian culture. It is a unique and thoughtful present that will be cherished for years to come. The vibrant colours and ornate details of the painting are sure to captivate the viewer and evoke a sense of wonder and admiration for the rich cultural heritage of Persia. Whether displayed in a home or office, this hand-painted oil painting is a true work of art that will add beauty and elegance to any space.

A painting of a proud horse surrounded by colorful patterns and designs in the style of Persian art.

Enamel Wall Art

Our fifth recommendation is a stunning example of handmade Persian enamel wall art. This traditional art form has been passed down through generations of Iranian craftsmen and is highly valued in Persian culture. The art of enamelling involves fusing glass powder to metal, creating a smooth, glossy surface that is perfect for floral designs and patterns.

This particular wall art features three green enamelled decorative plates, each showcasing an iconic Persian floral pattern that symbolises love, beauty, and youthfulness in Persian literature. The floral pattern is expertly executed, with each plate featuring a unique design that is rich in color and detail. The combination of green enamel and the floral pattern gives this wall art a fresh, vibrant feel that is perfect for any modern interior.

Enamel design symbols are an integral part of Persian art and culture, used in traditional Iranian architecture, handicrafts, and even Persian poetry. The use of these symbols in Persian enamel wall art reflects the deep cultural significance they hold in Persian society. The floral pattern used in this particular wall art is a common motif in Persian art, representing the natural beauty and tranquility of the garden, which is an important theme in Persian literature.

Three green enamelled decorative plates with Persian floral patterns hanging on a wall.

Miniature Wall Art

Our sixth recommendation is a beautiful example of Persian miniature wall art, featuring two lovely birds in a garden. This is a common theme in Persian miniature paintings and is often used to depict a scene of natural beauty and tranquility. The painting is expertly executed, with the artist using a delicate touch to capture the elaborate details of the birds, the flowers, and the foliage in the garden.

Birds and garden symbols hold significant importance in Persian literature, and they are often used to represent various ideas and concepts. In Persian poetry, nightingales and doves are frequently used as symbols of love and beauty, while gardens are often depicted as places of tranquility, beauty, and paradise. The use of these symbols in Persian miniature paintings reflects the deep cultural significance they hold in Persian society.

Hand-painted Persian miniature wall art of two birds perched on a tree branch in a garden with flowers, showcasing traditional Persian culture and symbolism

Watercolour on Marble

Our final recommendation is an exquisite hand-painted Persian watercolour on marble wall art. This piece is a stunning depiction of a traditional bazaar in Isfahan, one of the most beautiful and historically rich cities in Iran. The painting is a true masterpiece of art, capturing the essence of Persian culture, architecture, and the vibrant energy of a bustling marketplace.

The painting features ornate details and vibrant colours, that seamlessly blend together to create a stunning visual impact. The combination of watercolour techniques and the use of marble stone as the canvas adds a unique dimension to the artwork, elevating it to a level of sophistication that is rarely seen in contemporary art.

A hand-painted watercolor of a bustling bazaar in Isfahan, full of vibrant colors and intricate details.


In conclusion, handmade Persian wall art gifts are a unique and meaningful way to surprise your loved ones for the upcoming Persian New Year 2023. Each piece of wall art is crafted with exquisite attention to detail and tells a story rich in cultural and historical significance. Persian wall art is renowned for its vibrant colors, intricate designs, and deep cultural roots, making it an ideal way to connect with the Persian culture and share its beauty with others.

Whether it’s a handmade Persian filigree wall art or a hand-painted Persian watercolour painting on marble stone wall art, each piece is sure to impress and create lasting memories. So, consider gifting a piece of Persian wall art to your loved ones this Nowruz and let us help you make this occasion truly special.

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