Don’t be alarmed there are many reasons why a parcel may not arrive when expected; this could be down to a drivers route change, traffic, weather conditions and potentially just an issue with the address provided. The best thing to do is look up your tracking number on the courier’s website this should update with a reason for the delay in delivery. 

Should a parcel not be delivered on the first attempt a calling card should be left through your letterbox. This calling card is a small note detailing the failed delivery attempt which allows you to choose from a few options to ensure that the second delivery attempt is successful. You can choose to have the parcel left in a safe place (Usually a porch/secure area not in view of the public), returned to a local depot for collection or request for the driver to try with a neighbour. Please fill in the calling card correctly or complete the form online as soon as possible otherwise the driver is likely to attempt delivery the next working day. If you miss two attempted deliveries and do not respond to any calling cards left then the parcel will be returned back to us at head office. If you’re concerned for the whereabouts of your parcel please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team.

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