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Persian Turquoise Mirror – 49 cm – Garden Heaven

From the illustrious chambers of Isfahan emerges not just a mirror, but a portal into Persia’s heart – the vanity desk mirror. Bearing the profound essence of Neyshabur turquoise, this captivating accessory stands as an epitome of Persia’s rich tapestry of history, art, and belief.

Spanning a magnificent height of 19.3 inches and width of 13 inches, the mirror reflects more than just one’s visage. It reflects centuries of dedication, craftsmanship, and the very ethos of the land where it originates. The stunning blue-green Persian turquoise from Nishapour, embraced by the warm gold-red hue of copper, makes this desk mirror a masterpiece in every sense.

As you gaze into its depths, you’re reminded of magnificent city of Nishapour. The same city where, nestled in its embrace, are mines that have yielded the world’s finest turquoise for generations. The Persian name Firuze’ (Persian: فیروزه) for turquoise isn’t just a word; it’s a sentiment. A sentiment that connects heaven and earth, echoing the belief of ancient Persians who saw in its striking blue an embodiment of “heaven on earth.” And as they clad the domes of their palaces with this ethereal stone, they sought to bring the zenith of the sky, the very pinnacle known as ‘Samt al-Ras’ (Persian: سمت الرأس), to the very heart of their magnificent structures.

Beyond its beauty, this turquoise desk mirror offers a unique pairing opportunity. While it stands regal and complete in its splendor, the mirror can be elegantly matched with a pair of Persian turquoise candlesticks, enhancing its magnificence. (Please note, the candlesticks are sold separately).

Choosing this vanity turquoise desk mirror isn’t just choosing an artefact. It’s embracing a legacy, an emblem of Persian pride, handcrafted uniquely for those who value artistry, history, and soulful craftsmanship. While it arrives without the trappings of a gift box, its intrinsic value lies in the stories it holds, the history it reflects, and the heritage it represents.

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