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Persian Turquoise Mirror – 25 cm – Paisley

Deep in the poetic heart of Persia, amongst tales of love, valour, and mysticism, emerges an emblem that has graced its art and lore – the paisley or ‘Boteh’ (Persian: بته). Our Persian turquoise desk mirror , with its frame echoing the mesmerising swirls of the iconic Persian paisley, stands as a testament to a culture that thrives on symbols, stories, and an enduring love for beauty.

Spanning a compact height of 9.8 inches and a width of 5.9 inches, this desk mirror is more than a mere accessory. Crafted with care in the historic city of Isfahan, it carries with it the warmth of the copper’s gold-red hue, intertwined intricately with the divine blue-green of Persian turquoise from Nishapour. This combination is not just visual alchemy, but a reminder of Persia’s rich tapestry of heritage and its love for symbolism.

The ‘Boteh’ or paisley has long been embedded in the Persian psyche. Not merely a decorative motif, its teardrop shape has been associated with life, eternity, and the undulating dance of existence. Literary masterpieces from the region have often likened its curves to the delicate twists of life, symbolising both the challenges and the beauty that life unfurls. Within its curves lie tales of the eternal cycle of birth, life, and rebirth. And this very ethos, this soul of the Boteh, reflects in every inch of the mirror’s frame.

While our Persian paisley desk mirror stands resplendent by itself, it can also be harmoniously paired with a set of Persian turquoise candlesticks, a pairing that’s bound to enhance any room’s ambiance. (Do note, however, the candlesticks are sold separately).

Choosing the turquoise desk mirror is like embarking on a journey. A journey that traverses through Persia’s soulful alleys, its rich traditions, and its unmatched artistic legacy. And while it might not arrive in a gift box, its real gift is in the stories it harbors, the millennia it reflects, and the age-old traditions it personifies.

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