Persian Marquetry Backgammon / Chess Board – Miniature Painting

Experience the beauty of ancient Persia with our handcrafted Persian backgammon. Measuring at 6.5 cm height and 50 cm width and depth, this stunning piece is crafted using the traditional marquetry technique or Khatam-Kari (Persian: خاتم‌ کاری‎)  with premium wood and camel bone. The outside is hand-printed with vibrant green and blue scenes depicting the lively Chovgan sports, horseback hunting, and merrymaking of Persians, while the inside is elegantly hand-printed with intricate Islimi geometric patterns. This dual-use backgammon serves as both a stunning piece of art and a functional game board, perfect for playing both chess and backgammon. Add a touch of timeless elegance to your game room with this handcrafted Persian backgammon.

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