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Exquisite Persian Khatam Desk Organiser Set – 10 Pieces

Step into the artistic realm of Isfahan, a city renowned for its deep-seated traditions and mastery over the intricate art of Persian marquetry or Khatam Kari (Persian: خاتم کاری). Our 10-piece desk organiser set is an ode to this ancient craft, meticulously handcrafted by Isfahani artisans who breathe life into wood, camel’s bone, and brass.

This set isn’t just a collection of items; it’s an assembly of stories, each piece narrating tales from the bustling markets of Isfahan. Imagine drafting letters with the exquisite 14cm Khatam Kari pen, or neatly placing your calendar into its 25cm x 17cm holder, which feels like a time capsule capturing the spirit of ancient Persia. As you slide open the 30cm x 20cm x 20cm drawer pencil holder, it’s like flipping through pages of history, where each geometric pattern is a chronicle of an artisan’s dedication.

Beyond the pencil holder, this set boasts of a paper tray designed to fit standard-sized papers in its 12cm x 12cm x 5cm expanse. The pen cup, standing tall at 10cm with a 6cm diameter, is perfect to display your collection of writing instruments. The astray, with dimensions of 13cm x 13cm x 4cm, while the tape dispenser at 20cm x 7cm x 8cm is an embodiment of functional art. The majestic flag holder, spanning 40cm x 10cm x 10cm, serves as a reminder of Isfahan’s architectural prowess. And the letter opener, with its 19cm length, is like a bridge connecting the modern world with ancient traditions.

In essence, this desk organiser set, though not housed in a gift box, is an invaluable present in itself. A gift that carries with it the essence of Isfahan, the brilliance of Khatam Kari, and the promise of unmatched craftsmanship. Elevate your workspace with a touch of Persian legacy, and let every day be a journey through the rich tapestry of Iran’s artistic heritage.

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