Exquisite Persian Khatam Desk Organiser Set -7 Pieces

Dive into the meticulous artistry of Isfahan with this stunning seven-piece Persian Khatam desk organiser set. Crafted with passion and precision, each piece serves as a testimony to the ancient and revered art of Khatam Kari (Persian: خاتم کاری), a marquetry tradition unique to the historic lanes of Isfahan.

The Drawer pencil holder, measuring 30cm × 20cm × 20cm, promises to be the cornerstone of this collection, boasting intricate geometric designs that radiate elegance. Equally arresting is the calendar holder, a sleek 25cm × 17cm × 2cm masterpiece, which reminds you of time’s passage through the lens of Persian art.

Do not mistake the paper holder/tray for a mere utility item; at 12cm × 12cm × 5cm, it’s a canvas where wood, camel’s bone, and brass come together in a dance of shapes and patterns. The pen cup stands tall at 10cm, with a 6cm diameter, cradling your pens while whispering tales of ancient craftsmen.

The tape dispenser, a functional 20cm × 7cm × 8cm objet d’art, adds a touch of history to mundane tasks, and the flag holder stretches proudly to 40cm, blending purpose with Persian patterns. Lastly, the 14cm pen is not just a writing tool; it’s a symbol of how art can infuse grace into the everyday.

Handmade in the heart of Iran, this set isn’t just a desk organiser; it’s a journey through time, offering a piece of Isfahan’s soul, capturing the essence of Persian marquetry in every detail. Whether for your workspace or as a thoughtful gift, this collection, although not boxed, is wrapped in layers of history, craftsmanship, and love.



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