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A Pair of Persian Enamel Vase – 25 cm – Toranj Sea

Delve into the depths of Persian legend with these exquisitely handcrafted table vases, a tribute to the ancient art of Minakari (Persian: میناکاری). From the heart of Isfahan, the vases shimmer in the light, capturing tales and whispers of age-old myths. Their design, inspired by the ‘Toranj’ or bergamot, a fruit revered in Persian folklore as one of the “Heaven Fruits”, stands as a symbol of divine beauty and enchantment.

Sculpted meticulously from durable copper, these vases resonate with both historical reverence and modern innovation. Their stature, at a refined height of 25 cm (9.8 inches), holds within it enamelling and watercolour painting techniques that have been passed down through generations. The slight curve of their 6 cm  (2.3-inch) belly, culminating to a solid 4 cm (1.6-inch) base, is a testament to the artisan’s precision and attention to detail.

But beyond its physical allure, lies an emotion, a passion, a tale. A tale of the artisan who, with hands dipped in hues of history and imagination, breathed life into this Minakari masterpiece. Owning this pair is more than just an aesthetic delight; it’s a journey into the heart of Persia, a dance with its legends, and a salute to the undying spirit of its craftsmen. Every time you glance at it, whether adorned with blossoms or standing proudly solo, you’ll be reminded of the legacy and the love that Craftestan promises.

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