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A Pair of Persian Enamel Table Vase – 16 cm – Islimi Pattern

Delve into the mesmerising realm of Persian art with this pair of Persian Enamelled Decorative Vases. Beautifully crafted by skilled artisans from the historic city of Isfahan, these vases exude an exquisite blend of heritage, luxury and aesthetic brilliance.

Standing elegantly at a height of 16cm, or approximately 6.3 inches, these handcrafted vases are compact yet striking, designed to transform any space into an opulent Persian oasis. But it’s not their size that steals the show, it’s the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that truly make them stand out.

The design showcases iconic Arabesque and Islimi symmetrical patterns, breathing life into the azure-blue enamelled surface, a characteristic that reflects the grandeur of Persian culture and literature. The azure blue, a shade deeply embedded in Persian literature and culture, symbolizes the ethereal skies and the expansive Persian sea, encapsulating the depth and tranquility associated with these elements.

While the Arabesque patterns signify the infinite nature of creation, the Islimi designs are a tribute to the graceful flow of plant forms, embodying harmony and fluidity. Together, they create a perfect symphony of motifs that narrates the rich tapestry of Persian culture, offering not just a decorative element, but a timeless piece of art.

These Persian enamelled decorative vases are more than just a testament to the skilled hands that fashioned them. They are a tribute to the enduring allure of Persian artistry, capturing the soul of Isfahan in an object of undeniable beauty and charm.

Being sold as a pair, they offer a harmonious blend of beauty and symmetry. Whether adorning your living room or enhancing the charm of your office, these vases will leave a lasting impression on anyone who catches a glimpse of their enchanting design.

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