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Persian Enamel Earring – Viridescent Garden

Experience the essence of Persian artistry with our Persian enamelled green earrings – an accessory crafted with love and passion that extends beyond the realm of fashion.

Born in the heart of Iran, Isfahan, these earrings are the product of skilled craftsmanship and centuries-old art techniques. Each piece is formed using a delicate process of enamelling on copper, showcasing the fine details that make each pair truly unique.

The earrings display a diameter of approximately 1.4 inches and have a tasteful drop length of 2 inches, striking the perfect balance between elegance and prominence. Despite their ornate design, these earrings weigh a mere 0.23 ounces, ensuring they feel as good as they look.

The enchanting design showcases a captivating blend of colours – green, red, and white, with green being the dominant shade, adding a dash of boldness. Hand-painted using watercolours, the floral and biomorphic patterns add depth and allure to these earrings, echoing the flourishing Persian landscape.

Wearing these earrings, you connect with the very roots of Persian culture, allowing the tale of its rich heritage to come alive. But it’s more than just wearing a beautiful piece; it’s about supporting the communities that bring these stories to life. With every purchase, you contribute to Craftestan’s mission of promoting fair trade and artisan empowerment.

Embrace these Persian enamelled green earrings not only as an elegant accessory, but as a part of a cultural narrative that values tradition, craftsmanship, and positive social change. Through Craftestan, you are choosing not only a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery but also making a meaningful difference in the world of artisan crafts.

Craft your style with these bold and beautiful earrings, embodying the spirit of Persian artistry while fostering a better future for the artisans. Choose Craftestan. Choose the art of change.