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Persian Enamel Earring – Diamond Garden

Immerse yourself in the rich Persian heritage with our handcrafted Persian enamelled earrings, a breathtaking accessory that is more than just jewellery – it’s a testament to a story told through art.

Our master artisans in Isfahan, Iran, have breathed life into these exquisite pieces. They’re meticulously crafted, right from the selection of premium materials, to the application of time-honoured enamelling and watercolour painting techniques.

The earrings are designed to dangle delicately at 2.36 inches and are about 1.57 inches wide, making a grand yet elegant statement. Despite their luxurious feel, these earrings are light and comfortable to wear, weighing just 0.23 ounces, enabling you to revel in their beauty all day long.

The design features vibrant floral and biomorphic patterns, a traditional Persian motif that symbolises life, growth, and beauty. Each pair of earrings boasts a harmonious blend of four colours – blue, red, yellow, and green – each meticulously hand-painted onto the enamel surface, creating a beautiful play of light and colour that sets these pieces apart.

When you wear these earrings, you carry a piece of Persian culture with you, its spirit resonating in the intricate design and splendid colours. But it goes beyond aesthetics. Each purchase from Craftestan supports our mission of empowering artisan communities in Iran and preserving their age-old artistry.

Your choice to adorn these earrings is also a choice to support local talent, promote fair wages, and contribute to a new paradigm of craft that fosters equality and growth.

Own a pair of our Persian enamelled earrings, not just as a beautiful accessory, but as an enduring story of tradition, love, and passion that you can wear and share. Join us in making a difference one earring at a time – because at Craftestan, we believe in the transformative power of art. And together, we can create a ripple of positive change.

Let your style speak volumes about your commitment to art, heritage, and positive change. Choose Craftestan. Choose the beauty of handmade.