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Persian Enamel Decorative Plate – 30 cm – Toranj

Immerse yourself in the intricate beauty of our Persian Enamel, or ‘Minakari’ (Persian: میناکاری), decorative plate – a piece of history, delicately crafted into a mesmerising home accessory.

Every inch of this 30cm (nearly a foot for those favouring the imperial measure) Minakari plate pulsates with the heartbeat of Isfahan. Meticulously hand-shaped by expert artisans, its creation process is as deeply meaningful as the art form itself.

At the core of this plate’s exquisite floral design lies the Bergamot, an emblematic fruit that dances across the pages of Persian literature and culture. This seemingly modest fruit, just like the plate itself, is a symbol of hope and rebirth – subtly alluding to the ever-evolving journey of our lives.

This one-of-a-kind Minakari plate, besides being an eye-catching decorative item, whispers an age-old tale of Persian artistry. Each purchase amplifies this whisper into a resounding echo, directly supporting the skilled artisan who brought it to life. This is more than just about owning a beautiful object, it’s about being a part of a movement to preserve an invaluable traditional art form.

In an era dominated by mass production, the humble yet profound charm of a handmade item shines even brighter. This plate doesn’t merely occupy space in your home – it breathes life into it. It subtly champions environmental sustainability by promoting art that reduces industrial production.

We’re not just delivering a plate – we’re delivering a slice of Persian heritage to your doorstep, free of charge across the UK. Let your home echo with the tales of ancient Isfahan, while adding an elegant touch of cultural richness to your decor. Own a piece of history that’s both environmentally conscious and aesthetically pleasing, where each glance reveals a new detail, a new story, a new emotion.

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