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Ethnic Balochi Embroidery Earrings – Blue Tassel

Unleash your feminine, elegant, and bohemian spirit with Craftestan’s exquisite Baluchi embroidered earrings, handcrafted to perfection by our talented Baluchi female nomads. Upholding our commitment to fair trade and supporting our artisan community, these enchanting earrings embody the unparalleled artistry of our gifted Baluchi female artists.

Our captivating Baluchi embroidered earrings feature the iconic bohemian geometric pattern, accentuated with adorable blue tassels that echo the opulent glamour of vintage accessories. These exquisite earrings will effortlessly enhance your natural beauty, making them perfect for glam evenings and special occasions.

Meticulously hand-embroidered, these earrings epitomise the essence of elegant bohemian design. The geometric pattern, featuring a captivating blend of blue, yellow, and orange, adds a touch of exotic charm, while the adorable blue tassels at the bottom create movement and allure.

Whether attending a luxurious gala, enjoying a night out with friends, or dressing up for an unforgettable special event, our Baluchi embroidered earrings will leave a lasting impression.

At Craftestan, we take pride in sharing the extraordinary beauty and rich cultural heritage of Persian craftsmanship with the world. By choosing our Baluchi embroidered earrings, you’re not only adorning yourself with breathtaking accessories but also supporting a community of dedicated artisans who pour their passion and skill into every piece they create.

Feel feminine, elegant, and bohemian with Craftestan’s stunning Baluchi embroidered earrings, and let your inner beauty shine. Shop now, and experience the magic of Persian artistry.

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