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Exquisite Ethnic Balochi Embroidery Earring – Royalty

Make a statement with Craftestan’s exquisite hand-embroidered Baluchi earrings, a perfect fusion of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship. These eye-catching accessories showcase the intricate hand-embroidery techniques of Baluchi needleworkers, who pour their hearts and soul into each unique creation.

These oversized square earrings are impossible to ignore, making them an ideal addition to any accessory collection. Each earring features masterful embroidery, embellished with four tiny mirrors and an iconic white tassel to complete the bohemian aesthetic. Customers have praised the exceptional quality and beauty of these earrings, describing them as “amazing.”

Craftestan’s hand-embroidered Baluchi earrings not only elevate your style but also honour the hardworking Baluchi needleworker women of Baluchistan in Iran. These talented artisans face numerous challenges, yet they continue to create breathtaking pieces of art with unrivalled dedication and skill. By choosing these earrings, you support their craft and help preserve a vital piece of cultural heritage.

Upgrade your accessory collection today with these stunning Baluchi-inspired earrings from Craftestan, and celebrate the remarkable value and beauty of traditional Baluchi craftsmanship.