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Persian Filigree Decorative Vase – 30 cm – Fly Pattern

Beyond the ornate bridges and mosaic-clad mosques of Isfahan, there lies a world bursting with stories that speak of ancient dynasties and legacies crafted by hand. In the heart of this world, Persian filigree or Malileh Kari (Persian: ملیله کاری) thrives, whispering tales of beauty, precision, and passion into every creation.

Such is the story of this decorative vase. Its slender form, rising to touch the skies like the Minarets of Isfahan, is graced with intricate filigree work, each delicate spiral capturing a moment in time, a breath taken, a note played. It is a masterpiece, born from the union of fiery furnaces and the soft touch of an artisan’s hands.

Imagine this vase gracing your living space, its reflective surface mirroring the lights and shadows of life, its filigree patterns dancing with every glance. Even without flowers, it stands as a testament to Isfahani beauty, inviting admiration, and inciting conversations about a distant land where art breathes and sings.

This decorative vase is not merely an object; it’s an emotion, an experience. With Craftestan’s ethos at its core, it is our promise to bring the soul of Isfahan into your space, one masterpiece at a time.

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