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A Pair Persian Filigree Candleholder – 45 cm – Laleh

In the poetic heart of Isfahan, a city adorned with historic grandeur and whispers of timeless romances, a centuries-old tradition is rekindled. Here, amidst the alleys echoing tales of undying love and passion, emerges an emblem of enduring love – the “Tulip Candleholder,” or as locals fondly call it, the “Sham’dan Laleh” (Persian: شمعدان لاله)

Imagine a setting, perhaps an intimate evening, where these distinguished candleholders emanate a soft, gentle glow, their silver-coated copper silhouettes casting enchanting patterns upon walls. Standing tall and dignified at 45 cm (nearly 1′ 5.7″), their intricate designs, painstakingly handcrafted, beckon admiration. The subtle allure of its 14 cm (5.5 inches) width complements its 13 cm (5.1 inches) depth, each curve and contour narrating tales of Persian legends and lore.

A gift historically presented to newlyweds, these candleholders are not just metallic structures but symbols of a brighter tomorrow, of dreams yet to be realised, and of a life illuminated with countless moments of joy and togetherness. It’s said that in their soft light, couples find promises of countless tomorrows and the warmth of togetherness.

As these candleholders light up your space, they transcend their primary purpose. They become storytellers, urging you to pen tales of love, joy, and dreams. The sheer weight of 800 grams (1.7 lbs) each is not just in its physicality but in the depth of the cultural legacy they uphold.

In acquiring this pair of “Sham’dan Laleh,” you’re not just buying candleholders. You’re embracing an age-old Persian tradition, a beacon of hope and light, and an artifact that’s bound to ignite countless conversations and memories. Let them be the guardians of your dreams and the torchbearers of your love story. Light them, and let your story unfold.

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