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Persian Toreutics Wall Decor Garden Pattern

Introducing a mesmerising piece of wall art from Craftestan that highlights the extraordinary artisanship and profound history of Persian toreutics, seamlessly blended with the charm and allure of the Persian garden. This elegant, hand-crafted wall art is a fusion of ancient customs and contemporary aesthetics, reflecting the commitment and fervour of our artisan community.

Originating in the ancient Luristan civilization, Persian toreutics is a revered metalworking technique passed down through generations of skilled Iranian artisans. Renowned for its elaborate patterns and meticulous relief work, this art form demands immense patience and accuracy, resulting in magnificent creations that embody the rich cultural heritage of Persia. Over time, Persian toreutics has adapted and flourished, maintaining its status as a symbol of Iranian pride and resilience.

Celebrated extensively in Persian art, literature, and poetry, the Persian garden is a quintessential representation of Iran’s cultural lineage. Often described as an earthly paradise, these verdant, geometric gardens exemplify the ideal balance between humanity, nature, and the divine. Famous for their thoughtful design, profound symbolism, and captivating beauty, Persian gardens occupy a treasured position in the Iranian psyche, continually inspiring artists and writers.

Skillfully handcrafted by a dedicated artisan from Craftestan’s community, this 18 cm diameter wall art piece marries the enchanting allure of Persian gardens with the sophisticated grace of traditional toreutics. Encased in a 31 cm by 31 cm frame and safeguarded by the glass, this remarkable artwork showcases the artisan’s steadfast devotion to preserving their craft.

With each precise incision and etching, the artist brings the age-old legend of Persian gardens to life, crafting a stunning visual narrative that conveys the heavenly splendour of nature and the deep cultural history of Iran. This wall art goes beyond mere decoration; it signifies the untold tale of the artisan who invested their heart and soul into its creation, revealing their heritage to the world through the medium of art.

Invite the bewitching charm of Craftestan’s hand-crafted Persian toreutics wall art into your home and experience a slice of Iran’s vibrant artistic tradition. By doing so, you not only honour the work of our devoted artisans but also contribute to improving their lives through fair trade practices, which lie at the heart of our mission at Craftestan.

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