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Persian Enamel Earring – Orange Eye

Introducing an exquisite pair of enamel earrings that exude elegance and radiance. Each earring has been meticulously hand-painted, ensuring that they stand out as unique and exceptional additions to your jewellery collection.

The design of these earrings masterfully fuses modern, retro, and artistic sensibilities, showcasing a mesmerising biomorphic pattern adorned with iconic foliate and foliage motifs. The expert hand-painting technique employed in crafting these stunning pieces harmoniously blends time-honoured tradition with contemporary artistry.

These captivating articulated dangle earrings possess a timeless charm that will leave you feeling like a silver screen siren every time you don’t them. Versatile enough to complement a wide array of ensembles, elevate your glamour quotient by styling these earrings with a delicate silver necklace and a pristine white summer dress.

Elevate your jewellery collection to new heights of sophistication and allure by investing in these unparalleled hand-painted enamel earrings—a true testament to the marriage of artistic flair and refined elegance.