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Craftestan Gift Box – Wooden Chest, Plate, Jewellery Box, Kiliim, Tapestry , Seashell, Watercolour Painting

This majestic Craftestan’s gift box undoubtedly makes a craft lover speechless. This collection of six precious Persian handicrafts and chest that has all the charm of rich, natural wood will definitely bring amazement as soon as you reveal it to a loved one. The gift box includes A wooden chest which features wood carving the iconic arabesque reticular window, an enamel decorative plate which is delightfully adorned with rhythmic foliate scrolls. A cultural Persian tapestry, known as Pateh, a miniature Persian Kilim. A gorgeous marble jewellery box that is masterfully gilded. And last but not least, two watercolour paintings, one on marble and the other on a natural seashell. Made completely by hand, each of these Persian beauties exemplifies the artist’s deft hand and attention to the detail.

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