A Copy Version Of An Interior in Biskra By Frederick Arthur Bridgman

This painting is the copy version of the original; the original one was painted in 1881 by Frederick Arthur Bridgman an American artist known for his paintings of “Orientalist” subjects. The painting depicts a scene of domestic life set in a typical north African house with mud walls, illuminated by a skylight on the flat roof. Bridgman first visited Biskra, an oasis city in northern Algeria, in 1879. The copy version comes with 2′ 11.4″  in length and 1′ 11.6″ in width. 

The copy version is not for sale and was never meant to be sold. This is just a showcase, it exemplifies the artist’s deft hand and attention to detail. Craftestan’s artisans are capable of accepting non-commercial personal-use-only projects. We do not accept orders which are copies of other painters. 

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