Persian Filigree – Butterfly

Persian filigree or Malileh ( Persian: ملیله ) is considered one of the most original handicrafts in Zanjan ( Persian: زنجان ) province although Isfahan ( Persian: اصفهان) has its own unique touch when it comes to Malileh. A great variety of designs which are commonly used for Malileh-Kari ( Persian: ملیله کاری ) are teardrop, Persian paisley  ( Persian: بته جقه), leaf, two-eyes, blossom. The material that is used for this artwork is silver which is prepared through melting unusable silver objects or silver bars. The fineness of the silver is usually between 60 to 84.

Persian filigree handicrafts are so beautiful and elegant that today they adorn the museums, private art collections and homes of people all around the world.

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